Oven Cook Station


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For primary schools without food technology rooms; the Oven Cook Station is a fantastic new concept for teaching practical cooking to KS1 & KS2 pupils, within their own classroom. The children choose, plan and prepare the lessons ingredients, the teacher then cooks the prepared food in front of them, demonstrating different types of cooking techniques.

Once cooked, the food can be passed around for the pupils to taste, for many of them trying new exciting textures and flavours for the first time. It gives them the chance to taste new foods, as well as teaching them to cook from healthy basic ingredients, probably one of the most important life skills they will learn.

Dimensions:   H145cm  x  W82cm  x  D64cm

"Putting Children's Safety First"

Complies with the European British Standard EN 60335-2-6


The benefits of the Oven Cook Station

  • Space saving - No need for a Food Technology Room.
  • Saving money - No need to commission and service a Food Technology Room, save many tens of thousands of pounds in each school.
  • Reducing the health and safety risks - Young children not handling hot equipment.
  • Reduced staffing levels - Not having to care for young children in a Food Technology Room when handling hot equipment.
  • Less disruption to the children - Taking the practical cooking lessons in their own classrooms.
  • Mobile - The Oven Cook Station can be moved from class to class, room to room.
  • Multiple Oven Cook Stations - Different classes and key stages can teach practical cooking at the same time, not struggling to accommodate the whole school in a single Food Technology Room.
  • Versatile - Can be used for after school clubs, m.a.t.ch. workshops, children and parent groups, breakfast clubs, cookathons, fund raising and many more...
  • Safety Standards - Complies with the European British Standard EN 60335-2-6


Power Requirements

UK 13 Amp Socket

1  x  13 Amp UK standard socket - (3kW).
1  x  3 metre extension lead - (supplied).

Preparation Table

Mobile Cook Station TableThe table folds down making the Mobile Cook Station easy to manoeuvre and store in confined areas. Just lift the table top and it locks into place. Manufactured from stainless steel making it an ideal food preparation area and for hygienic cleaning.

Hand Wash Sink Unit

The jet spray system means more washes using less water. At least 15 twelve second hot washes per filling. The 3-litre Waste-Safe™ system traps all dirty water in complete security and is removable for emptying and cleaning. With excellent insulation properties, the water will stay hot for up to 5 hours depending on the initial temperature of the preheated hot water used. Constructed of fully moulded, high impact polyethylene; insulated throughout with expanded polyethylene. Unique finger tip controlled tap can’t collect dirt or grease. Washing under hot running water - dirty water goes direct to the Waste-Safe™ collection system. No bowl to collect suds and grease.


Fan Circulated Oven and Grill

The oven has a Slide and Hide door making it easier to lift out heavy or large items, avoiding the dangers of drops or spills. The oven door is triple glazed and cool to the touch eliminating the chance of burning your hands or arms. In partnership, our Slide and Hide door comes with an ergonomically designed revolution handle. This bevelled steel handle rotates forward smoothly as the door opens, remaining fully accessible even as it tucks away beneath the oven. So there’s no worry with catching hands or wrists due to awkward movements as you open and close the door.


The refrigerator employs special electronics to lower the power consumption and significantly reduce the speed of the cooling fans, once the correct operating temperature has been reached. The effect of this is to reduce the noise emitted to barely a whisper during normal running, whilst maintaining the capability to rapidly chill back down when required.