Hob Cook Station


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For primary schools without food technology rooms; the Hob Cook Station is a fantastic new concept for teaching practical cooking to KS1 & KS2 pupils, within their own classroom. The children choose, plan and prepare the lessons ingredients, the teacher then cooks the prepared food in front of them, demonstrating different types of cooking techniques.

Once cooked, the food can be passed around for the pupils to taste, for many of them trying new exciting textures and flavours for the first time. It gives them the chance to taste new foods, as well as teaching them to cook from healthy basic ingredients, probably one of the most important life skills they will learn.

Dimensions:   H89cm  x  W66cm  x  D60cm

The benefits of the Hob Cook Station

  • Space saving - No need for a Food Technology Room.
  • Saving money - No need to commission and service a Food Technology Room, save many tens of thousands of pounds in each school.
  • Reducing the health and safety risks - Young children not handling hot equipment.
  • Reduced staffing levels - Not having to care for young children in a Food Technology Room when handling hot equipment.
  • Less disruption to the children - Taking the practical cooking lessons in their own classrooms.
  • Mobile - The Hob Cook Station can be moved from class to class, room to room.
  • Multiple Hob Cook Stations - Different classes and key stages can teach practical cooking at the same time, not struggling to accommodate the whole school in a single Food Technology Room.
  • Versatile - Can be used for after school clubs, m.a.t.ch. workshops, children and parent groups, breakfast clubs, cookathons, fund raising and many more...


Power Requirements

UK 13 Amp Socket

1 x 13 Amp UK standard socket - (3kW).
1 x 3 metre extension lead - (supplied).


4 Zone Induction Hob

The new, safe, fast and controllable way of cooking. Only the pan is heated and the ceramic plate remains relatively cool, this makes it the ideal choice for teaching within schools and young children. When the pan is removed or the hob is turned off, heating instantly stops and the residual heat of the ceramic plate quickly cools. Any spillages during cooking, will not bake onto the ceramic plate making it easy to clean. Your pans will heat quickly and higher than normal cooking temperatures can be reached. With 8 selectable temperatures over 4 heating zones (40°C to 220°C), changing from a fast boil to a gentle simmer happens instantly at the press of a button on the stylish touch control panel.