Teaching Practical Cooking in Primary School, While Keeping Children Safe


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The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP (Secretary of State for Education) has changed the National Curriculum from September 2014. All KS1 & KS2 pupils will be given the incredible opportunity to learn Practical Cooking within Primary School.

Practical Cooking lessons taught to Primary School Children, can be quite a daunting for teachers without suitable facilities. Would parents let their Primary aged child loose in the kitchen at home with standard cooking equipment? In most cases I think the answer is no; parents are very protective towards their children and send them to school safe in the knowledge that no harm will come to them.

While teaching this fundamental skill, children will learn to cook from basic ingredients, the heart of tackling obesity and will enable future generations to understand food, diet and nutrition, putting together healthy meals for their entire lives. The importance of teaching Practical Cooking to children is essential, but their safety is paramount.

Standard cooking equipment is not suitable for young children, it just isn't designed for them. Mexa Thermal Systems have developed the new concept of bringing the kitchen into the classroom, with equipment designed for this purpose. All cooking equipment is dangerous when heat is involved but limiting the health and safety risk must be the prime objective.

‘The Mobile Cook Station’ is a fantastic new concept for teaching Practical Cooking to KS1 & KS2 pupils inside their own classroom. The children choose,  plan and prepare the lessons ingredients, the teacher then cooks the prepared food in front of them, demonstrating different types of cooking techniques.

There are a host of safety features including an induction hob, that only produces heat to the pan by magnetic fields and not heating the work surface, the oven is raised and surrounded by a cool touch safety cowling to prevent burnt fingers and a double latched preparation table to prevent trapped fingers. The refrigerator is vital for safe food storage, the hand wash for personal hygiene and the mobile trolley manufacture from stainless steel for food preparation. Complies to European British Standards EN 60335-2-6.

Mobile Cook Station

The Mobile Cook Station

It’s so versatile

  • Holiday Clubs
  • After School Clubs
  • M.A.T.CH. Workshops
  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Cookathons
  • Children and Parent Groups
  • Fighting Obesity
  • Fund Raising and many more...

Contact: Mexa Thermal immediately on ku.oc.lamrehtaxemnull@seiriuqne or call 01744 410 438 for further information.

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