Teaching children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities cookery lessons using the SEND Mobile Learning Kitchen


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Practical cooking can be one of the most exciting and educational lessons on the school curriculum. It intrigues and engages children whilst teaching them one of the most valuable life skills they’ll ever need.

Integrated into most practical cooking lessons are a variety of associated curriculum subjects, such as English, Maths, History, Geography and Science. As well as those educational advantages, it also provides a multitude of sensory and health benefits.
Now spare a thought for the children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who struggle using standard kitchen equipment. For them the enjoyment and engagement within the lessons soon disappears. Without a kitchen designed for their individual needs they can feel excluded and isolated from their fellow classmates.
Safety is also another pressing issue that must be highlighted when using a standard kitchen. Many SEND children find themselves having to over reach, forcing them off balance. That combined with hot surfaces and liquids is an accident waiting to happen.
Our design team understand the difficulties facing people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities whilst cooking. Wanting to make a difference, we have designed and manufactured the SEND Cook Station. Not only is it fully adjustable to an individual user’s requirements, but the SEND Cook Station is fully mobile providing easy access.
The SEND Cook Stations versatility allows it to be positioned practically anywhere in any room, it simply needs to be plugged into a standard UK socket.
We all deserve the chance to learn how to cook, and with the SEND Cook Station everyone can experience healthy independent living.



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