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Height Adjustable Hob

Height Adjustable Hob for Wheelchair Users Electrically height adjustable Electronic anti-trap function Plugs into any 13amp socket Fits into a 60cm space Fitted with an induction hob Height adjustment is isolated when the hob is in use The height adjustable hob is electrically adjustable with… Continue reading

Food for thought for wheelchair users

There are over 1.2 million regular wheelchair users in the UK, but how many of us have actually thought about the difficulties they face on a daily basis to cook a simple meal on standard kitchen appliances. As a husband of a regular wheelchair user,… Continue reading

The new Mobile Cook Station Fusion

      They say “you can’t have it all” or “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”… The new Mobile Cook Station Fusion has changed the rule book, now you can. The oven has a Slide and Hide door making it easier… Continue reading

Mexa Thermal teams up with ITV eat them to defeat them campaign

    ITV – Veg Power Mexa Thermal teams up with ITV ‘eat them to defeat them’ campaign   Mexa Thermal has proudly teamed up with ITV Veg Power, supplying Mobile Cook Stations to Lambeth’s primary schools as part of the ‘eat them to defeat… Continue reading

Primary School Obesity

    Schools should stop telling parents how to raise their children, Ofsted report says. There is no evidence to suggest that teachers’ attempts to “influence” parents makes children healthier. Schools should stop telling parents how to raise their children and focus on cooking lessons… Continue reading

Why learning to cook is an integral part of a child’s development

    Today I’m going to be examining why cooking is important to a child’s educational development. With the introduction of fast food and the microwaveable meal culture, the art of traditional cooking is starting to lose its once deep roots in our society. There’s… Continue reading

Practical Cooking and the Primary National Curriculum

    In primary schools across the country, children are learning about what constitutes a sensible and varied diet. Many schools are participating in healthy eating initiatives and encourage nutritious snacks and lunches. As children move up to high school they begin to partake in… Continue reading

Teaching children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities cookery lessons using the SEND Mobile Learning Kitchen

    Practical cooking can be one of the most exciting and educational lessons on the school curriculum. It intrigues and engages children whilst teaching them one of the most valuable life skills they’ll ever need. Integrated into most practical cooking lessons are a variety… Continue reading

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities SEND Mobile Learning Kitchen

    Have you ever given a second thought for people with special needs and disabilities? Or stopped to think about the difficulties they encounter every single day. Our team at Mexa Thermal have.   We have many years’ experience working with children and young… Continue reading

Portable LPG Oven

Portable LPG oven. The Portable LPG Oven is manufactured from stainless steel and constructed around a tubular framework for durability and strength. Along with its stylish good looks, it is also totally practical boasting a 36 litre oven, a 3 hob burner and an integral… Continue reading